All ideas and dreams that come to fruition have a great story.

Often an event transpires or a person sparks  inspiration from within us and results in inspired action. Soon, after some trials and tribulations,  that first imagined thought comes into reality.

“BIG” Jim was the person who sparked inspiration and the resulting action that created SpinCycle.™

While he was, indeed, a tall man and larger than life, his nickname had more to do with his heart. It was enormous. His love of life was matched by his love of humanity.

I had been a runner most all of my life.

A moment in my life came when I was told that a tumor in my throat was probably cancerous. “BIG” Jim, my friend, was by my side and supported me through the whole ordeal. And while it was benign, the road to recovery was physically demanding and my will  diminished. I was depressed.

“BIG” Jim was always positive. He knew I was weak. Too weak to run. Being a cyclist for many years, he showed up at my house one day with a Trek Mountain bike, helmet, gloves, and riding clothes – everything needed to start riding.

He patiently explained how the shifting worked and he fit the bike as best he could for my size. My toes could barely touch the ground! Did I mention that he was tall? He was tall!

I took to riding like a duck to water and loved it.

We shared many rides together. I was, in the beginning, a pain. I constantly dropped my chain and had more than my share of flats. Given the nature of bright riding shirts, I was constantly smearing grease on my handle bars and transferring it to my gloves and clothes. One morning after dropping a chain, I said to “BIG” Jim that, “Somebody should come out with a disposable wipe that removes grease!” His reply was, “Yes, you should.” I laughed and dropped the thought.

On a Saturday in mid January, “BIG” Jim and I were scheduled to ride. Instead, he suddenly passed away from a heat attack.

I was devastated. Life turned upside down.

Time Passed…

…and pain healed. I kept riding and meeting others who experienced the dreaded dropped chain grease monster.

During one grease monster attack, I shared my idea with others who thought it was a great idea. Soon I began brainstorming, researching and creating marketing strategies to save everyone from their own grease monster encounters.

I am proud to introduce SpinCycle’s flagship product: SpinCycle Wipes.™ I hope this will be a help to all cycling enthusiast to be free to keep spinning clean.

Try our product and if you like it then please share it with your riding friends.

Randy Swearingen